tarmac means: Mixture of crushed rock, tar and asphalt was the precursor to modern Asphalt. You hear this word only from nitwit newspeople who first heard it after 1972 TWA hijacking. British journalists at the time referred to the airliner as “sitting down on the tarmac”. They use the term tarmac in British terms just like Americans would use “Asphalt” to describe it. Reporters are known to repeat phrases and words that have an International flavour, regardless of whether or not they understand the meaning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Godofredo González)

What else does tarmac mean?

  • Tarmack refers to the discovery of a man called MacAdams. MacAdams discovered that crushed rock could be made into a durable and firm surface by mixing asphalt tar with it. The term “Tarmac” is almost always misused when referring to airport runways. These are concrete and not paving or blacktop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porfirio Soler)
  • If a girl hits your chest, then rubs it around. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esdras González)
  • An asphalt road, or other surface made of tarmacadam. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Aim to cause an aircraft (or plane) to sit on a runway. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A taxiway is a place to sit. A plane is used. (in AZ Dictionary)