Tardish means: Actually, the Tard is the typical teenage male’s language. The term “Tardish”, however, refers to the Tard. It is usually composed of many jumbled soundsnoises that sound like one’s about to shit or has lazy tongue. The word ends with an expression of current Tard emotion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gabriel Fernández)

What else does Tardish mean?

  • A different word for “Retarded” (in Community Dictionary, added by Coaming)
  • StormCyko originally coined the term tardish. It is an extension to the English language or its acronymes, by adding z at the end. Although it is often observed most by teenagers, most people grow out of it later in life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Melody Andrade)
  • A language used by tards to communicate with their friends, often in an effort to sound cool. Note: Here, the term “tard” has a closer meaning to that of “n00b”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugenia Vicente)