Tanishka means: It’s easy to see why she is such a sweetie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gregorio Gutiérrez)

What else does Tanishka mean?

  • Tanishka, a name that means “deity of gold”, is Tanishka. You will find her artistic and loving no matter what you look like. You will find her to be your friend and even your love. You can trust her and she will love you. She is a lover of animals and music. Keep in mind that if she is friends with a boy, she may develop a slight crush on you. If you discover this, she can make you mad. She’ll remember all the details about you, and she will try her hardest to keep your side. Although she can sometimes be quirky or weird, she loves it. No matter how crazy or normal she may be, she will always care about your well-being. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zoey Sanford)
  • Tanishka, a sweet girl with great ambitions, is very kind. Tanishka will tell you the beauty of the world, but she can also kill you if it isn’t. Her beauty is radiant. She is artistic and gifted. Have fun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaias Collier)
  • It is a complete mood. A Tanishka is someone you can call when you are in need of a wild night with music, dance and booze. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthias Wiley)
  • A sweet and curious girl, she loves babies and nature. She wants to see the world, and she dreams of becoming a pilot. If not, then at least a job that doesn’t bind her to an office with dull white walls and surgical rooms. Her spirit is wild and she has seen a lot. She is not afraid to get into fights. It is possible that others are bullying her because she dresses in a certain way, or because she has a particular look. But she doesn’t know this. She won’t often show emotion, but she will share them if she feels the need. You will never forget her. You will never forget her. You can’t leave the one you love. Only one person can match her love. She is unique..not one who can easily be duplicated..not somebody who can’t be replaced.. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finnegan Ali)
  • It is a Latin word that means “deity of gold” or “pure as gold”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaycee Briggs)
  • You’ll be obsessed with this sexy girl. She is a sweet girl but has a very wild side. This side is not often displayed. She is a lover and friend who loves to hug and kiss others. People who envy her are not able to love her. She loves animals and nature. She is very emotional, and she can cry easily. Although she’s quite savage when she is in the presence of people who are normal, her behavior can become bizarre and stupid when she meets people she loves. Tanishka, the most charming person you will ever meet is simply beautiful. You will fall in love with Tanishka’s warm eyes and want to share your entire life with her. She’s very understanding and hardworking. Tanishka is a lucky woman. Tanishka loves making her partner feel special. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ellis Bartlett)