Tahlequah means: Tahlequah, a Cherokee term that means “two is sufficient”, is Tahlequah. It is also the capital of the Cherokee Nation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marshall Gay)

What else does Tahlequah mean?

  • Oklahoma’s small town. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra Nash)
  • One small community in northeast Oklahoma that is home to a large number of Emo children, some great athletes and a poor football team. Tahlequah is home to 3 elementary schools and 1 middle school. There are also 2 high schools and one college. Tahlequah’s unique activities are well-known. On weekends, people enjoy the “Cruise the 4 lanes”, and display their “sweet rides”. You might see people with swords if your car passes Norris Park. Tahlequah was once known for the violence and murder that occurred, but the children now smoke marijuana and drink a lot. (in Community Dictionary, added by Averi Cruz)