Syllove means: Syllove silence love, a form of silent love between people that loves each other to an incredible degree, is something you can feel silently. Even though you may not be able to communicate with one another, or express your love for them publicly, you can feel the love in their bodies and their veins. They think about each other even though they have never spoken to one another. Their absence can make you feel as if a part of yourself is gone. You think of them all the time and wonder what their day is like. And somehow, you feel a deeper connection with them. This is the feeling of love, where you wish you could spend every moment with your other half. But you don’t know how to express how it feels. It is a feeling that you feel so deeply, it feels like the other person is always there for you. Even though they’re not in the exact same place, in the same house, in the same city, or in different countries, you can feel their love all around. They are silently there wherever you go. This type of love is more than a spiritual or physical connection. It’s characterized by a deeper, more intimate bond. It is possible to feel their emotions, heartbeat, and thoughts even when you’re not there. It is impossible to convince yourself that your life would be complete without them. They are your second half and you cannot imagine your life without them. This is all happening on an inexplicable level, but the love between them is deep. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paradiddle)