Sworn Brotherz Gang means: Lowell Ma’s 80 Khmai Cambodian Street Gang was founded in 19921993. The infamous Lowell MA “Street Boyz Gang” gave birth to Sworn Brotherz. In ’92 and ’93, this gang was split into three factions. The first being the “SBSworn Brothers”, the second the “OSBOriginalOrientalSteet Boyz” or the third the “NBNature Boyz”. It is not clear what the main reason might be. Many Street Boyz that were Crips have Blood connections, which could explain why there was so much strife within the group. Some Crips went to 2nd form Sworn Brothersz. Others were divided between the two and started Nature Boyz, which represented Green Rag. The leadership grew to more than 200 at the peak of SBkz, with juniors called “LSB” Little Sworn Brothersz. Multiple drive-by shootings. Responsible for limb choppings and killings. Many of their members are currently serving lengthy sentences in Massachusetts Prison System. TRG Gray Rag Set’s brutal foes. They have been fighting since 1994, when the Gray Rag Faction arrived in Lowell, California. The notorious KHMAILAO Street Gang, SBkz Gang, is an outlawed and violent KHMAILAO gang. Although there are no other Cambodian gangs like TRG,ABz andEBG, many of their members have started fake pop-up sets after being whipped by the “Original Sworn Brotherz”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Alvarado)