Swordy means: Non-NPC character in World of Warcraft. Legendary character, revered for his ability to control Ragnaros in one swing. The Zin’Rokh is his trusted sword, which is a drop from Hakkar (ZG). Commonly used with: lawl, zomg laserz, and pewpew (in Community Dictionary, added by Khloe Lam)

What else does Swordy mean?

  • The game is played by gays and uses their penises to replace swords that are used in fencing. They rouse one another from the clashes between their penises. Where the loser goes limp first, and the winner has the honor of touching his opponent’s penis. This can cause severe bruising of the penis, and blood may be drawn during the most violent swordy combats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Monserrat Griffin)
  • Adj is pronounced “sWordee” Inspired by the American accents of the Disney movie ‘Aladdin,’ 1993, “swordy” has become synonymous with “nifty” or “cool.” A small boy sings the lyrics to the song “Prince Ali”: “One hundred bad boys with sWords”. Due to his New York accent, the term “swordy” was created. It refers to the absence of a silent W from the boy’s pronunciation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Álvaro Moya)