swilly means: It’s like a chav, but worse. This name is derived from Swilly, a Plymouth estate where a four-bed house was priced at PS6k. North Prospect is now the name of this neighborhood. Fucks in tracksuits, gold-ridden, who love to fight. (in Community Dictionary, added by Acacio Cabrera)

What else does swilly mean?

  • Person who lives in a junk area, in a house that has washing machines out and borded-up windows. Also people who are wearing burberry and aquascutum clothing and rockport shoes. They also have an unusual accent and whose speech is shortened. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaslene Hood)
  • 1. A person who lives in North Prospect, Plymouth, England. You can see shithole. 2. An ardent janner who is not afraid to let his hair down. You can see swill-on, dickhead. (in Community Dictionary, added by Samara Elliott)
  • It’s similar to the wetwilly. You wet your fingers with vaginal liquid and then give it to her. The shorthand for “snatch” is (in Community Dictionary, added by Beckett Higgins)