Swiffer means: Small or large mop, which can be used for cleaning powdery or chunky items. – Young gay/lesbian that dates older people. Person who can pick people up, but isn’t able to get along with others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reddow2Heyday)

What else does Swiffer mean?

  • A young queer, gay woman that mainly dates dusty girls. This makes her an ideal dust magnet. A swiffer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brittany Scott)
  • Swiffers are people who have the ability to easily get the sex they want. A Swiffer is a person who works in drama festivals or other similar events. However, the Swiffer is not likely to move in for “some”, but rather just wants to know that they could have. An aspiring swiffer that does manage to get “some” is called a swiffer, also known as a wetjet or swiffer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jazlynn Bush)