Swagster means: You can embrace a lot of swagger, while still subtly looking like a hipster. (in Community Dictionary, added by HighdevDoozy)

What else does Swagster mean?

  • Swag-Master. A person who is able to collect an inexhaustible amount of swag. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cesáreo Ortega)
  • Swagster: This is the opposite to a hipster. It comes from the root word “swag”, which means “swag”. A swagster brags about his swag while he considers himself to be kickbutt. They are typically a group of wannabe young adults living in suburbs and rich areas. Swagsters dress in ghetto clothes and believe that anything ghetto can be cool. They don’t own swag. The real swagsters aren’t interested in swag, and they don’t talk about it. People who make fun of swag aren’t swagsters. You can find swagsters at the local wal-mart or in your town square. Although they claim to like hardcore rap, they only listen mainstream artists such as lil wayne. They also wear Taylor Gang clothing and consume their mother’s booze. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celia Cambil)
  • One who is a dope person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leslie Bartlett)