Surah means: Personable, open-minded and down to earth. Someone you feel comfortable talking to, and who is willing to share your secrets. Beautiful inside and outside. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anthony Shelton)

What else does Surah mean?

  • Big forehead bitech without any boobs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristal Chung)
  • Although she may appear quiet or strange at first, once you know her better you’ll find that she is a great friend and a lot of fun. She is smart and modest. She’s a bit sarcastic, cocky and won’t listen to stupid people. She doesn’t really have many friends but she does care. She cherishes her few close friends and takes great care of those she does love. Do not mess with Surah. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carlos David)
  • Surah, Arabic spelling: swr@surah plural, swr souwar, is a Qur’an chapter, which has been traditionally laid out in decreasing order. Every Surah’s name is derived from a specific word or name that was mentioned in an ayat section. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stratiform)
  • Soft, twilled silk fabric or a mix of silk and rayon. (in AZ Dictionary)