Supertramp means: A reckless act or carelessness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Goodwin)

What else does Supertramp mean?

  • After they had met your sister, the band called themselves their “Give A Little Bit” after the DJ played the song. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carl Lozano)
  • The English English word “Tramp” is used to describe a homeless person. Oder a wanderer. A Hobo in EnglishAmerican is similar to this. The word super simply means greater, more or better. Super Tramp is literally the Grander and Better version of an homeless person. It is often used to describe someone who doesn’t settle down, is more mobile than others, is usually financially better off, and is therefore less likely to be a “Hobo”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Waylon Collins)
  • The 1970s progressive rock group. They are known for their songs “Goodbye Stranger”, “The Logical Song,” and “Breakfast In America.” Their best songs, however, were the ones that weren’t as well-known, like “Fools Overture”, “Another Man’s Woman”, “A Soapbox Opera” and “Don’t Leave Me Now.” Roger Hodgson Guitar and Rick Davies Keyboards were the main songwriters for Supertramp. John Helliwell was their sax player. Supertramp is a band that you should listen to NOW if you don’t already know about them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mohamed Crespo)
  • This band was formed in the middle of the 70’s and did not achieve great success until 1979’s ‘Breakfast in America. It featured hits like ‘Take The Long Way Home’, ‘The Logical Song’, and many more. (in Community Dictionary, added by Urijah Gonzalez)
  • A person who loves to travel and explore the world by foot, air, or car. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kelton Dillon)