super simp means: Un man who is more than a simp, and can be far worse A person who has become so obsessed with the need to have Pussy, or even girls, that they don’t talk about anything else. The Super Simps talk to girls all day, but fail to get any work done. If they feel it will bring them action, they’ll do whatever to get the girl. They can even make multiple accounts and beg for unblocked access. The lowest simp class is the Super Simps. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ayla Weaver)

What else does super simp mean?

  • An extreme simp. A simp who can’t see the point. His main role is to play women. He spends all his time trying to attract girls but doesn’t get a good woman. He is often submissive, and uses facebook to communicate with women and create statuses that look good on him. This simp is well-known for his tendency to block other people and to try to save a man’s life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Snollygoster)