Summer bummer means: You can be bummed that your summer wasn’t as you hoped or was a complete waste of time. Now you must face the fact that you won’t get any more vacations because you are done with your life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthias Garrison)

What else does Summer bummer mean?

  • The person who slobbers about does what they like, whenever and wherever they please all year. The person might have a job or not, but they probably smoke pot. If you happen to be one of them, it’s likely that you are proud. If you aren’t, it is likely that you wish you were. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul House)
  • She’s an absolute cool girl, loves to laugh and sometimes has random sayings. She is very friendly and seems to be able to get along with everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keely Esparza)
  • In a group activity, someone mentions school soon. This lowers morale. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tripp Conley)