Suicide Blonde means: Beautiful blonde woman or girl who is wild, crazy, daring and full of energy. This girl is sensitive and emotional. She can also be sexually and/or sexually oriented. Her physical beauty and deeply emotional nature make her attractive. She follows her own path. You could call her an artist, musician, model or whatever else you are. She is a suicide blonde because she has so much crazy, sexual, adventurous and artistic passion she can “explode” at will. You are sure to have a great time if you meet a suicide brunette. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camilla Perez)

What else does Suicide Blonde mean?

  • Blonde hair color (in Community Dictionary, added by Laila Buck)
  • A woman whose hair is unprofessionally dyed or dyed in a crude manner. (in Community Dictionary, added by John Rice)
  • Noun. A blonde bottle who bleaches his hair light with peroxide to make it look darker than the natural shade. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmen Jiménez)
  • A blonde woman who has had her hair bleached by peroxide-in-a-bottle coloring. Although she must maintain bleaching, her dark roots might still be visible. Suicide blonde is an acronym for “dyed by her own hands”, which she calls “dyed to death”. 2. A danceable, but still big ass-kicking hit song from Australian rockers INXS. The song reached the Top 10 in the world during late summer 1990 and the fall of 1990. You can play some amazing harmonica. Great stuff. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlee Willis)
  • “Dyed by her hand” (in Community Dictionary, added by Oriol Lorenzo)