Suggle means: A sweet, friendly word to request fellatio from a girlfriend. This is usually spoken with a higher pitch voice and in uptalk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keegan Little)

What else does Suggle mean?

  • It is used to suggestively cuddle with the intent of seducing. Also used for snuggling and sucking together. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addisyn Carson)
  • A hug, a cuddle or a good kiss is 100 times better than a warm hug. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aliya Suarez)
  • A person without any scientific abilities and not born in the peer-reviewed environment. This is different from the term “squilb”, which describes a person who has one or more researchers parents but no analytic abilities, and the more offensive term “suggle-born”, which refers a person without research parents, but with scientific capabilities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyson Lin)