succubitis means: Succubitis is when an innocent person falls for the lure of succubus. They are ruled over by controlling, bitchy girlfriends. Their cases become more severe the longer they stay with succubuses. Side effects include loss of reasoning, severe mood swings and raging emotions. 1. Succubuse often prey upon groups of friends. Run if your friend is a womanizer and suddenly becomes interested in you. You are clearly in danger of being sucked into her trap. 2. If she’s a butterface. She wouldn’t have to hunt innocent men for a handsome face if she was nice. Avoid succubus, regardless of your fascination with her curves. If she doesn’t have friends. AKA, friendless. Because she doesn’t have any friends, a succubus always wants to speak to someone special 247. If she is too perfect. This is the thing that drives many men. You know that she’s a sucubus if she owns a house with sex, season tickets to their favorite team and has an amazing sports car. It will cost you more than your desire to keep her there for all the additional benefits. badly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rihanna Grant)