Subverse means: Urbandic: Elaboration of an existing word; Right: 1. A community that strives for a better, alternate reality to the one we live in. They are anarcho-capitalists from the underground who incite info-war to subvert distinct evils. This is done by corrupt politicians and wealthy elites like media-moguls, central bankers, and corrupt central bankers. Subversion is a method of transforming established social order and its structures of authority, power, exploitation and servitude. Subversion is an attempt to counterattack the dominant paradigm, or overturn it. 2. A subset of the universe. This is a region that has a boundary that separates it from external forces like impulse, stress and conduction. However, other forces can influence the local entropy so as to create an INCREASE in the external universe. Because entropy can increase spontaneously but declines by WORK on the subverse, this is possible. This work always combines INFORMATION with MATTER. For example, DNA can act on chemicals to create life. Human-designed machines can also work on metals, minerals and plastic. To create order. (in Community Dictionary, added by Artemio López)

What else does Subverse mean?

  • The term subverse refers to those who seek a different reality than the current one. They are underground anarchists that will wage war to defeat distinct evils. Subversion is a method of trying to change the existing social order and its structures of authority, power, exploitation, servitude and hierarchy. The state is an example of this type of structure. Subversion is a change or removal. Subversive refers to someone or something that has the potential for subversion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Boston Blake)