Stunt Queen means: This term is derived from the “LGBT” community. A woman who is involved in fraud financial ventures for the sole purpose of achieving social status. They are often nomadic. These women are skilled in identity theft through shoplifting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wendy Murphy)

What else does Stunt Queen mean?

  • A Fraud. A fraud is any person who participates in fraudulent activity for personal gain, or the benefit of others. Fraudulent activity may be pursued for both financial or non-financial gain. Although strangers are often the victims of fraudulent activity, close friends and family can be also affected. The term is used to refer to males and females who are transgender or Cis gender. Although many people associate the term with LGBT communities, it can also be used to describe heterosexuals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyler Montes)
  • Gay man who “stunts,” to earn a living. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Walker)