Stinky Treasure means: Adj. This is a disturbing trick that confuses the victim with money that smells like feces. This can be done in many ways: After a hard bowel movement, rub the bill or coin on the pranksters’ shin. The prankster will rub the bill on the victim’s stomach until the coinbill is completely dry. To force the bill or coin in the prankster’s rectum, before making a bowel movement. After forcing the shit to go, the person should then flush the waste in the toilet. Finally, manually search for the money in the butt paste pile that usually results after the money is shitting out. After doing the above, the pimpster should wipe away any traces of money. This is to avoid the victim becoming suspicious. The stench of money will make the victim scream and be disgusted later when the prankster hands the money to him. The smell of a room may be different Noun Money with a terrible odor, often smelling like shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaelyn Barajas)