Stingettes means: Auxiliary dancers of Alabama State University’s Mighty Marching Hornets group. Their 8 and 16 count routines are very sexy and they have field displays that display incredible agility, form and flexibility. Janae Harrington, a Miami-based Stingettes leader, is currently leading the group. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haylie Li)

What else does Stingettes mean?

  • Alabama State University, Montgomery. A college dance team. The long-serving leadership of Elisa Porter is what makes them famous. The most famous Shakeidra Jones, aka KeKe is currently leading them. Other well-known Stingettes include Ty Q Harrell and Lauren Brown. Romisa Hill, Romisa Hills, Jordan Carter, Ashley Harris, Romisa Hill, Ashley Harris, and Jordan Carter. They are well-known for their 8 and 16 count routines, which are often compared to others. But we don’t need to talk about them. They are sometimes called Sting Sting Sting. Honey Bee’s and Ladies of Distinction were their co-band members. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iyana Mullen)