Stem the rose means: Anal sex is the insemination of penis, or the “stem”, into anal openings or the “rosebud”. Anal sex can either be heterosexual or homosexual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucrecia Ortega)

What else does Stem the rose mean?

  • This is a term for struggling against love. Jack and Ennis, who were in the film “Brokeback Mountain”, are hired by the sheep to defend them from the wolves . This is ie…to _stem_ the attacks of the wolf. They instead of stopping the wolf attacks they stopped the rose. This meant they were fighting against homosexual desire. It was basically used to make the connection between _being taken over by sexual attraction_ and _being attacked by wolves_ . This was done to demonstrate that their bosses saw them as being attacked with love. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stephany Huerta)
  • It was used in Brokeback Mountain. It was deeply analyzed. The rosebud-like appearance is a sign of anal sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Billingsgate)
  • This is what I’m going to do if another movie critic attempts to publically decipher it again. My belief is that the average cowboy doesn’t have a concept of Shakespearean ethereal romance. Stemming the Rose in this group means to plant your stem penis into someone’s rosebud. Get it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valentin Conrad)