Steezer means: Person who regularly smokes marijuana. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lyla Heath)

What else does Steezer mean?

  • Person who wears snapbacks or cardigans, and toms. Some may dye their hair blonde. They also enjoy electronic music dancing, and know how to shuffle. These guys look good, are young and well-dressed. Southern California is home to steezers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo León)
  • Submerged subculture of stonerskater children who snowboard for faith, smoke marijuana for their lives, and are adorned in neon. You can see them wearing colorful condom hats and Boobeyes sunglasses. They love to camp on a frequent basis, and like to put stickers on everything they can. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leslie Bartlett)
  • A mexican, stupid, prickly stumbling sexist who attends raves and attempts to make it a club scene. His hair will be dyed blonde, he’ll wear snapbacks and quote Jersey Shore things, he’ll wear collared shirts that are fully buttoned, and he will wear pants with intentionally ripped holes. They will often take advantage of women on drugs to the fullest extent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Damon Lester)