steeks means: Northern Ireland’s parasitic subculture. Characterized by: They have pitifully ugly eyes. Tracksuits. Peirced Ear. A baseball cap worn at an extreme angle will not provide any shade to eyes. The ideal angle for baseball caps is 45 degrees, but this angle is practically impossible due to laws of physics. A complex language containing a lot of slang. Bad haircuts with greasy fringe and bleached ends. Cheap and ugly gold jewelry These people have an inclination to wander the streets, in train stations and on street corners without any licenses. They also drink and abuse others. They are proud of their – Attacking isolated persons by ganging up with between five and fifteen others Consuming large quantities of inexpensive cider Cigarette smoking is affectionately called “fegs”, by the steeks. Large amounts of extremely poor quality cannabis resin soapbar are smoked Writing their names everywhere, which should conform to this basic design … =Smickers= =05= Impregnating millys 14 years old Abusing teachers or fellow students within a school setting They have strong connections to paramilitaries Avoiding groups of steeks is good practice, especially if you’re alone or are in a smaller group than the other steeks. Their taste is simple to put it mildly. Any rapper who raps about guns or bitches will appeal to them as much as repetitive dance music. Do not stand by if a steek tries to get into a fight. They will continue attacking you regardless. You should make sure to throw the first punch. However, if your opponent is outnumbered, you can run. Do not give into their demands. This gives the illusion that they are weak. Try to prevent your child becoming a creep. Also see: powder, milly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marshall Gay)