Steek means: Girl or boy who knows lauren is slapped and slays. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frankie Fields)

What else does Steek mean?

  • Yufi is the Arabic spelling for steak. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brooklyn Gentry)
  • To get out of control and drink. (in Community Dictionary, added by Samantha Bass)
  • Spide A spide from Belfast, the steek wears tracksuits with brightly colored trainers. They also have baseball caps. If they’re wealthy enough they might have cheapo gold rings and chains bought at index, argos and tesco. They go about their business in groups, feeding on the suffering of their victims. After washing it down with WKD or Buckfast and any cider that they can afford, they head out to find fights with other steeks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pilar León)
  • Northern Irish slang refers mainly to boys ages 12 and older who sport tracksuit bottoms, but are also stereotypically rowdy or dumb. English “neds” are also known. (in Community Dictionary, added by MrmaikyImpugn)
  • NTwattish underclass member who spends three hours walking along a dark streets and/or outside Spar, smoking shit fags that he got from hisher mates. You can also see: cunt, pikey and twat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iris Mendez)