State’s rights means: This idea states that each state should decide its policies, thus being more open to the wishes of citizens. Better representation came from local representation. Let MA citizens have liberal and socialist policies if they want it. If AL desires a capitalist economy however, they can have it. This is freedom and liberty. A citizen can choose to move to another country if they don’t agree with the laws or decisions of their state. This gives the citizen more freedom. Too many laws and regulations that federal control impose on people are not responsive to their needs or sensibilities. NY does not need to force their policies onto someone from ID. One or more states may see a problem in their legislation. This does not mean that other states must change their laws to address the issue. The federal government is trying to force everyone into one solution. Why would they want people paying taxes or laws that don’t suit them? This belief is called the state rights-es beliefs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cevesaile)