sqwank means: A term used in pressure situations to get some sexy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Logan Dillon)

What else does sqwank mean?

  • You can replace a word you don’t understand with sqwank (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Bush)
  • Combination of the words “squint” and “wank”. A neurotic female who has too many bulging muscles and protruding veins. Squinting is a common characteristic of these females. Sqwanks are prone to overtraining and secretly smoking cigarettes in their bathrooms. Sqwanks are a magician who can fool others into believing they’re attractive. The phenomenon is temporary. Also, Sqwanks are manipulative. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carlos Campos)
  • When your turds aren’t tapering, sqwank sounds like your butthole making a sound. (in Community Dictionary, added by Absalón Gallego)
  • A multiple accumulation of both fecal matter or ejaculate within one’s sub grament. This is the derivitive for Squizzard, a messy mess in your pants and Whank To materbate (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisa Blanco)