Squirp means: It is a small amount of jelly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryland Ford)

What else does Squirp mean?

  • A penguin’s sound. This is it. The word’s history is that it originated from “Siquidem”, a Latin word. This word’s meaning was thought to refer to horses who were put through strenuous labor on farms. This word is thought to have been created from worker’s dialect, but it was quickly recognized as an important word. It was originally used to describe frustration when horses reached their limit, and would then lay down in the dirt. Farmers had to then return to their farm to fetch a better horse. This was an expensive decision. “Siquidem” is a term that farmers would use to vent their frustrations. It became a common word, and was used to refer to minor annoyances. It is no secret, when the Couptionises and Hornt species crossed, the Penguin was born. The annoyance of both species was well-known and there were fears that the penguin would have a combination of traits from each. It was not able to prove its bothersome behavior so it adopted the name “Squirp”, which is a shortening of Siquidem. The penguin soon discovered that communication was the most irritating aspect of its species. This noise earned it the name “Squirp”, and the animial was officially named “Penguin”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Slapdash)
  • Exhaling from a bong too hard can cause severe coughing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Curmurring)
  • Officially recognized as “fourth colour” in 1999. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Contraband)