Squirk means: A sudden and rapid flow of water from an area that was previously blocked or unworked. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sullivan Mcfarland)

What else does Squirk mean?

  • A woman can have an orgasm by simply squeezing its thighs and thinking sexual thoughts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bria Zavala)
  • This term is used to describe pubescent cracking in the vocal chords that can be heard often as adolescent men change their voices. However, it’s quite common for all genders. This phenomenon has never been described before. It was previously described simply as one’s “cracking” voice. Squirk can be described as a noun or verb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaxson Dyer)
  • This is the worst thing you can call anyone. It combines the words skank and whore with slut and bitch into one term. This insult is extremely offensive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sara Peña)