squeam means: One man who makes a lot women squeamish by his immature and obtuse behavior with women. A generally attractive man with some quirks, such as the tiny ankles and normal-sized bodies. If you are looking for FaceTime sex or weekend getaways, avoid squeams. If you don’t, your emotional intelligence will be so low that the squeams will take all of your star energy during FaceTime sex. Avoid overly intrusive messages and insta DM videos. Possible to have a small penis. They may be wealthy but not happy at work and aren’t willing to go to therapy. Warning: Caution Level: (in Community Dictionary, added by Maren Hobbs)

What else does squeam mean?

  • When presented with something they do not like, such as blood, maggots or spiders, what does a squeamish individual do? Squeam is a term that means to be terrified, to make high-pitched sounds, to shake, to cry, or to move in a wretched way. (in Community Dictionary, added by Banjolin)