Spunt means: 1. A child who is absolutely useless and has no potential. Ginger. 2. The act of spinning a spint, or giving birth to one, can be called spunt. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darian Massey)

What else does Spunt mean?

  • Combination of cunt and spud. Person who is inefficient and unpleasant to be around. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reddow2Heyday)
  • Adjective: 1. Past tense is used for spun, urban or formal. This is a sign of confusion caused by stupidity, intoxication or any other form. 2. A state where one is confused, or mentally disconnected from reality. A person’s mental abilities or deficiency. 3. Irony and humor are used to suggest that you and your subject are both mentally impaired. Commonly used with the adjectives “correctly” and “incorrectly”, however, other synonyms can be used. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jabari Mcneil)
  • Fili Fil mentions it on the Filosophy. This is the past tense for the present tense spend. Spend, Spent, Spunt. You can get yourself in a financial bind by using services. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jazlynn Henderson)
  • A term that refers to feeling buzzed, or high. You can get high from any type of drug, including alcohol, nicotine and marijuana. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rhys Wall)