Sprung means: When you are madly in love with someone, it is called “sprung”. Your entire life is dependent on them. You would give everything to make them happy and love. You do your best to put a smile on your loved one’s face. When you are afraid to let go. When you think about them every day, whenever you go to bed thinking of them and when they are there when you get up at three in the morning. You feel your heart beats for them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Epifanía Santiago)

What else does Sprung mean?

  • If a man is spring, that means they are having an erection. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maeve Allison)
  • Sprung can be confusing but enlightening and a moment of intense emotion for someone you just met. You are always thinking about touching, seeing and kissing this person. The desire to spend time with them on an emotional, spiritual, and mental level is driven by a strong connection. It’s a combination of feelings for this person that create the sensation of being sprung….butterflies in your stomach, palpations in your heart and thoughts of having sex with them constantly. You should not be “sprung” without mutual consent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Scrotiform)
  • To get an erection. Many submissions claim this is due to undying love or obsession, passion, emotion etc. However, it really comes from the spring-like popping of an old-fashioned boner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisabeth Cervantes)
  • When you meet someone for the first time. Even though logic may tell you otherwise, you just can’t help but feel compelled to get to know and love them. Every text and phone call brings you joy. Every song makes you smile and brings back a memory of them. There is nowhere else you would rather be than with them. If you feel the chills run down your spine when they say your name. It hurts so much that you feel it. It’s crazy when you feel like nothing can be put into words. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pablo Mckenzie)
  • A person who is completely submerged in another. A person touched so deeply that they are unable to leave your head. They are your desire every minute of the day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sonia Santana)
  • You feel so passionate about one person you are almost in love that it’s hard to define love. When your name isn’t in your head for more than 30 seconds; you can’t imagine life without them. It’s when everything you do you do for them. You’re only able to focus on one person when you are sprung. It’s like your whole life is about them. Your heart rate increases and your heart beats faster when that person is near you. It feels as if it’s going to explode. You feel like your hands are clammy and you have no idea what is happening to your head. Your skin becomes clammy from the moment they touch your neck to your toes. The spot where they touched your skin turns super-sensitive, like your body longs to get their touch. When you can’t control how you feel about someone, you are called “sprung”. It’s not love, but it is close. It will eventually turn into love, if you give it enough time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylan Sawyer)