Splinge means: Splinge A term that refers to something cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dean Pope)

What else does Splinge mean?

  • A split fringe. High levels of oil or moisture in the fringe can cause it to split. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sara Deleon)
  • Hairstyles with a fringe that is too short (in Community Dictionary, added by Damián López)
  • Noun, verb, splinged, spling-ing. -noun 1. A hinged spline is a joined device, or a flexible, long, narrow and thin strip of metal, wood, or other materials. A slat.on.which a door or gate, shutter or lid or any other attachment turns, swings or moves. 2. A splined hinge is a narrow and thin piece of metal or wood that is long. It can be joined to a door or gate or shutter or lid. Use of a -verb with an object To furnish or attach with a splinge (or splinges). As an expression of wonderment, -splinge is used To wiggle, or to splinge in an incredulous burst when you flabber has ghasted. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mia Mcneil)