Spladoosh means: Fucking a girl under water. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brayan Fletcher)

What else does Spladoosh mean?

  • The act of ejaculating, in which the ejaculate expels in high viscous volumes, is called Spladoosh spluh-du sh verb (in Community Dictionary, added by Spuddle)
  • You can hear the noise that a rock of great size makes when it is thrown into water. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abram Robinson)
  • This cream was first created in 2008 for the treatment of Sandy Vagitis. Also known as Sandpaper Vagina, it is a brand that treats the condition. The CDC continued to develop their cream over the years in many flavors and adapt it for OstrichCamels and nature’s condoms. Soon, the product’s slogan became “Spladoosh”: For those sandpapery times. Spladoosh was created by the CDC in response to women’s threats to weaponize their sandpaper vaginas. Today’s male college students regularly go to Walmart to buy bottles of Spladoosh every month in order to stop the spread of dust storms that can develop in their female dorms. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quinn Archer)