spit or swallow means: A girl who does a head blowjob will either swallow the sperm out of her mouth or spit it out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaslene Hood)

What else does spit or swallow mean?

  • Australian larakins invented this game, where one player has a full mouth of liquid. The other players try to make him laugh as hard as he can. Spit out any liquid Or B swallow the liquid, and then choke. (in Community Dictionary, added by Peyton Schaefer)
  • The word “spit” refers to spitting out boys’ semen after it has filled your stomach. The verb swallow refers to drinking the semen. You can also swallow if you are a sucker for boys and let their penises go into your throat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dolores Núñez)
  • The term refers to the decision you make about what to do after drinking a glass of masculine love juice. (in Community Dictionary, added by JotaGannet)
  • After oral sex, it is a mistake to spit after orally sex. Most gay women choose to swallow or refuse to let the man in their mouths. Few people intentionally swallow a lot of food and then spit it out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kassandra Dougherty)