Spineless Cunt means: One woman or wife that lies to her husband in order to have the man they love. This is because the true man is strong, steady, and respects others when they are given to him. The other lame emo loss is easy to control, is an expert in love songs, and will literally go a mile just for the “spineless cunt’s” shit. For the Spineless Cunt, life is not easy. She can’t make decisions, keep her integrity high, or create enough good karma so that she lives with inner peace and grace. The worst part is that the men she selects for her emo are not attractive with their greasy skin, excessive body hair and snaggly-crooked teeth. They also have droopy eyes due to Down Syndrome. It is a shame that such people can still walk the Earth stealing oxygen from honest people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bennett Garza)