SPH means: Penis humiliation: (in Community Dictionary, added by Douglas White)

What else does SPH mean?

  • Skate park shoes Skateparks are popular among females because they attract attention from men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adelaide Boyle)
  • Penis Humiliation for Small Size (in Community Dictionary, added by Pierre Chase)
  • Penis Haver. (in Community Dictionary, added by Borja Jiménez)
  • The small penis humilation is a popular fetish in the BDSMFemdom Community. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raquel Giménez)
  • Acronym for “Sandwiches Per Hour.” A female’s ability to make a lot of sandwiches in an hour. SPH is a quantitative way to assess the commitment, heart and perseverance of potential partners. Each female has an SPH rating that she carries throughout her entire life. Every female should know her SPH and be able, upon request, to give it. This attribute should be constantly improved and trained. To ensure a uniform and fair assessment, SPH’s ratings committee adopted clause 1.19. This stipulates that one must make a turkey or ham sandwich to be eligible for rating. You will often receive special ratings for sandwich-related areas such as grilled cheese and grilled chicken. SPH can be used with Hotness and Personality in order to create a completely new equation to evaluate women. However, this topic is beyond the reach of this article. (in Community Dictionary, added by Andres Downs)
  • Strategically placed hole – This is a method used by plushophiles for creating a point of entry to sex in plushies. It also works well for fursuits. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wombat)