Special Delivery Spooger means: Special Delivery Spoogers pn. Character from “Fanta Claus Is Comin”, a sick parody online of “Santa Claus is coming to Town” where names are altered and animated things screw up and spew fluids a lot. He was not the one who had originally defined his lines. He actually stated that Robot Chicken, Denis Leary, and Comedy Central had all used his ideas to create TV programs, which were all created by Jews. Why the hell should I care? Imitation is a form flattery. I made the whole world laugh and that’s all I want. Because Denis Leary had a show, and all other things are shows, it is Denis Leary. Neither Denis Lilian, Dennis Lilly nor Denis Lillee had shows. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kason Pennington)

What else does Special Delivery Spooger mean?

  • Stop motion animation of a demented, postman-like animated stop motion character is featured in “Fanta Claus Is Comin”, a parody of “Santa Claus Comes to Town” by Most Offensive Videos. It was banned from several websites and won the most famous video award of 2010. Al Jolsen is the alleged postman. He ejaculates at cue in the joke, but everybody does it. Then he rifles through all the mail and then does the “Night Fandago” with Fanta’s ‘Mammy”. He may be Denis Lilly, an unknown actor, as he mentions the name in one song. Root Chicken, Denis Lilly, and Comedy Central have all used my ideas about TV shows all made by Jews. Humorous lines such as “You got any vaudevillian penicillin to my lips Well, aren’t they the turkey’s neck You saved my life!” It takes quite a few gals to choose your mammy’s evergreens. But it’s another to go to the bosses’ manmy and do the night fandagno by yourself. Or “Kids, you shouldn’t really be watchingin’ that” “I wish that she were a woman of color.” All over doll’s face, put black hair. Extra Delivery Spooger. Character name, pronoun. This is a spoof on the Postman in ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’. Dave: Was that the postman man who fired his rocket at that video? Carl, you mean soecial delivery spooger. Dave: It seems like heaven to me, child. Carl: She would be a great woman of color. Ha. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Figueroa)