Spank Tank means: This is the gauge that determines how many activities a child can complete before he/she gets into an argument. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Harding)

What else does Spank Tank mean?

  • Noun: 1a military vehicleLAV that is used to nasturbation, typically in deployment settings to increase the morale and morale of male soldiers. It has never been cleaned …. has a distinct functional smell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mekhi Cain)
  • The spank tank can be described as a private, small-sized room with t.v. Monitors that allow people to watch and masturbate in an adult shop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Bush)
  • A bunk covered in sheets and located in Southeast Asia’s deserted locations. It is affectionately known for its privacy and the ease with which it can be rubbed out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ethan Donovan)
  • N. 1. N. 1. The spank tank can be filled with good spanking, just like a gasoline tank. 2. A mental repository of unnaughty images that one can use to spank the monkey, when other pornography isn’t, uh “at hand”. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brayden Trujillo)
  • This is the area in your brain where you store memories about hot people and erotic moments that you have experienced. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gage Barajas)