Spanglish means: Mixture of English and Spanish It is often used in Latino communities or by children of color trying to look exotic and cool. This may be the result of half-assed spanish public schools education. Spanglish has one small thing I notice: Speakers use cognates quite a bit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lizbeth Sawyer)

What else does Spanglish mean?

  • South Miami’s unofficial language (in Community Dictionary, added by Michelle Luna)
  • A dialect that is difficult to understand and unintelligible. It’s made by mixing a distorted version of English with some Spanish. This usually refers to the Mexican regional Spanish. (in Community Dictionary, added by Logan Griffin)
  • Noun- A word or phrase that is used to describe a mix of English and Spanish. When they learn or speak in English, many Spanish speakers can use Spanglish. Also, a noun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Waylon Collins)
  • This is not to be confused by the mock language. The spanglish usage refers to movies in which the plot seems very complex or even absent. This is a reference to the movie ‘Spanglish,’ which was viewed seven times by many to fully grasp its meaning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dixie Weber)
  • To lazy to learn full Spanish, but too busy to understand full English. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reinaldo Carmona)