Spamming means: Adverb. It is the act or savagely rotating and moving your body in any direction. This trend is still very popular in 2017. (in Community Dictionary, added by ZacerElapse)

What else does Spamming mean?

  • Advertisers will often advertise sites that can harm your computer and security. However, most spam messages are about getting stuff for free, such as Pokemon GO, which is a popular game. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Munoz)
  • Spamming refers to repeated uses of the same item, or actions, within the game context. Grenade spamming, for example, is when a player throws a lot of grenades at once into an area. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mohamed Wise)
  • Today’s young artists have created a refined art form. Spammers don’t follow the rules. They do not obey Moderators, Adminstraitors, or any unfair rules. They are a force for liberty and resist oppression by newbs. They are a source of humor and disarm fights. They don’t kowtow to the power elite. They want to make the internet better. They don’t fear the top, but they just want to have some fun. These people are spammers. Many forum users today fear the “Ban or Deletion” button. To gain control, they eat at the heads. People who don’t follow the rules are yelled at in an aggressive manner. It’s not fair. A forum should feel welcoming and warm. True spammers, not spammers, fight to make this happen. They overcome the oppressors, push aside the heads and strive for better forums. They aren’t the losers spammers who don’t use flame, haze, or coherance. These spammers are failures at the art of spam. Spammers consider a post count their best friend, while moderators are their enemy. This is true for all types of spammers. We also like random threads and off-topic topics. It’s good to have a rep for spammers. Spammers are not easily stopped. They don’t quit. You should not be offended if someone screams at you because you are a spammer. You are known by people now and have a purpose. You are a good person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kendrick Carey)
  • Chatting gibirish or irrelevant is an act. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mercedes Medina)
  • Verb A verb that involves repeatedly doing the same thing to attract attention, or disturb other people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Linda Graham)