sorosian means: Sorosian Sore-oh, see-ahn is a noun that describes people who are either knowingly or not aware that they are members of The Cult of Soros. The trigger, or secret password as they are also known, is called By George. Scifientist, FBI Federal Baal Institute agents, and members of The Democraptic Party and The Libtard Press are all examples of cover designs for The Cult of Soros’ agenda of creating a communist world and supporting the NWO New World Order. The Bill of Gates and Agenda 21 are their holy books. The US Armies Training Manual for FEMA Camps is also included. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iris Mendez)

What else does sorosian mean?

  • N so-ro-shuhn Asian-American female who is less knowledgeable about and has less Asian cultural knowledge than white sisters in her sorority. (in Community Dictionary, added by Remedios Núñez)