Solophobia means: This psychological condition is created by promiscuous, insecure teenagers to prevent them feeling guilty about their actions. These symptoms include inability to remain in long-term relationships and constant “wondering” in any relationship. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olive Clark)

What else does Solophobia mean?

  • N. Fear of being alone. Solophobia can be exacerbated by being separated from parents early in life or left alone for long periods of time. This primal fear inspires actions without thinking. Solophobes are prone to avoiding contact with other people, sometimes even to dangerous levels. Solophobia is often indistinguishable to gregariousness in that they seek to avoid negative emotions and not to find positive ones. Although solophobes may experience positive emotions indirectly by acting on their fear it’s still possible to feel them. In a group of solophobes, there is a risk that multiple people will be inactive for long periods. They may become unable or unwilling to look forward, avoiding negative emotions but not seeking out positivity. The most effective interpersonal bond known to pseudopsychology is the romantic connection between undiagnosed solophobes. The solophobia can be distinguished from “autophobia”, which is a similar feeling. Auto = self and fear = fear. Autophobia is a feeling that causes fear of oneself, while solophobia can cause feelings of anxiety. Solophobia is the difference between being afraid of oneself and being scared alone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Munoz)