sodium means: A person who does not have the ability to handle the same intelligence as you. Also known as someone who is dumb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victorino Moreno)

What else does sodium mean?

  • Semi-covertly refers to someone’s derriere. This is the chemical symbol Na for sodium. Nice Ass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Royce Walters)
  • It’s an element of the piriotic tableau. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elsie Duffy)
  • The explosive natural chemical Na is combined with chlorine to form sodium chloride (a.k.a. salt). Sodium reacts with hydrogen to produce hydrogen compounds, causing a tiny explosion in water. This creates Sodium Hydroxide NaOH Sodium. Don’t let this happen! A petrified sodium sample is included in any small microscope you have ever purchased. Do not eat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailee Lane)
  • A element that has the symbol Na, which is derived from the Latin word Natrium. Most commonly bonded to Chlorine ions chlorineide in the form table salt. (in Community Dictionary, added by Samara Elliott)
  • This is a soft, malleable, silver-white metal that reacts with water. It is also an alkali metallic. Many biological processes are dependent on sodium ions. Atomic number 11, atomic weight 22,9898, melting point 97.80degC and boiling point 883degC respectively; specific gravity 0.971 (20degC); Valence 1. cross-reference : Periodic Table . (in AZ Dictionary)