Snurple means: Twisting a woman’s titties. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bridget Bartlett)

What else does Snurple mean?

  • Purple nurple is a special type of purple nutle in which the middle finger and thumb are pinched together. The thumb then has support from the outside with the index finger. (in Community Dictionary, added by Malakai Harmon)
  • Snurple Verb refers to a person who drinks like a stupid sausage. Tom of Soviet defined it for him, and he only used it twice in essays, which brought his A-level score down to several hundred. Even today, the debate about what it means to be a “snurple” continues, baffled even by the best of them all, such as George Bush. In 2005, the UK saw an increase in murder victims due to long debates between frustrated English experts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Levi Bernard)
  • 1: An absurd dictionary word. 2. Adverb: A description of something which is especially or extremely far gone. Refer to “gone”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eli Atkinson)
  • Noun: Someone who loves purple. Snurples are obsessed with purple and proudly display their purple tastes. They may wear purple head-to-toe every day or decorate their entire house in purple. Perhaps they believe purple is better than all colors. Snurples may love purple, sometimes a little too much. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jacob Fernández)