snoozeville means: Literally, it means to become snoozy or sleepy due to inhaling ‘grog. However, the terms can also be used for a deeper meaning and are often used to indicate boredom or painful chat. This is the result of lengthy stories about bacon, hockey and pasta that are often told via phone. The loudspeaker is used to speed up the pace at which the term is being used. To enhance the meaning of the word, emphasis is placed often on the sound of’s or’sch at the beginning of the word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ellis Castaneda)

What else does snoozeville mean?

  • The mayor, the snoozevillemaster and the citizen of citizen of Snoozeville make up the town. Sometimes visitors arrive at snoozeville while the train to sleepyville is in motion. You don’t even need to have a passport. All you need is some snoozez. If you collect snoozevillepoints granted by the snoozevillemaster, you will get discounted transport. The train to Snoozeville is powered by snoozegas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abigayle Mcdonald)
  • A different term is for going to bed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alma Moran)