snappa means: This little munchkin dog bites at your legs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tanner Atkins)

What else does snappa mean?

  • Snappa’s game has changed and evolved from its original definition, which was published in the Fall 2008 at University of Dayton. Dayton is Ohio. Both in the Midwest and Northwest, the game follows a similar structure: 2-on-2 with four cups at each end. For defensive strategy, teams are placed on chairs at their sides. However, they are permitted to place their cups behind their back lines. A ping-pong board has been used instead of a die. It is legal to take a defensive grab if the ball hits twice. It is considered a point if the ball hits the cup. The first thing that happens is the winning team shouting “Snappa’s ready”, preparing themselves mentally for the game. Next, they shout “Challenger’s ready”, asking if their opponent, the new one at the table, is available. It was the Snappa view, or angle that a chick sees when bent over. This is what inspired the game’s revolutionary design. (in Community Dictionary, added by Monserrat Shepherd)
  • The lower part of a female, or all females. It is a popular word that’s used on the north shore of mass according to what I know. (in Community Dictionary, added by Garrett Carter)
  • This is a drinking game that uses a die, four cups and two teams with 2 people. To get the cup, you must throw the di subhand and let it bounce onto the table. You must either drink or catch it with the other hand if the di does not reach the cup. Up 7. Drop 3 points to win a cup (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Beltran)
  • Snappa can be described as a drink game that involves a table and four pint glasses. Snappa is more than a ‘Beirut or Beer Pong’ type game. It includes both defensive and offensive elements, which require quick throws and one-handed catch. Snappa allows you to play offense by throwing underhand. You must do this while seated in your seat and at the glasses of your opponent. You must remain seated until your opponent has thrown the die. After the die bounces off of the table, or hits the glass, you can catch it. You and your partner need to communicate well and perform as best you can while the beverages continue flowing. Teams must collaborate to work together on offense, and on defense. The games go down to seven with the winning team getting a point for every dropped die or any cups. The cupping of a team means that the team must finish their drinks and then throw the die on the Snappa Table. The cupped team will need to refill their drink and finish any drinks if the die hits five. Snappa players are multi-talented and will have four skills. The First Catch Second throwing Third drinking Fourth talking trash. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lindsay Marshall)