SMU means: Halifax’s Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia. The university looks like a nuns’ hospital with glass tubes. You can easily walk between buildings. It is a great university, but one I do not go to. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyla Hogan)

What else does SMU mean?

  • For Smoke Me Up, Stands (in Community Dictionary, added by Keegan Little)
  • For smoke me up, it’s short. (in Community Dictionary, added by Larry Deleon)
  • Souther Millionares University stands at 1 Highland Park highschool graduates go to highlandpark high school to study business so that they can manage their father’s businesses and not have to worry about the outside world. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Figueroa)
  • Going to class can be regarded as a formal event, so you will need to dress appropriately. Lacoste Polo’s are worn by men with Sevens jeans, while Sevens jeans are worn by women. Girls wear their Sevens t-shirts underneath the collars of their Lacoste polo’s. Rainbows, Northface jackets and Uggs are the staples of summer and winter. The next three years will define who you become by getting into the right Frat house or Sorority. No one cares about what car you drive as long it is a BMW, Range Rover or similar. Watching football and tailgating are two different things. We aren’t losers, and we won’t stop drinking alcohol regardless of whether or not we win. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desirae Bender)
  • The campus is a beautiful, spacious location in Dallas’ heart. Some people may not be proficient in grammar or correct punctuation and will make comments on the sidelines. People who have never visited or lived near SMU may make comments from the sidelines – i.e., they might be ignorant of grammar and correct punctuation. However, despite stereotypes about SMU such as everybody is wealthy, has a BMW and is from Highland Park, reality is quite different. SMU has over 70 majors available to students. Its student body includes students from over 200 countries and all 50 states. Full-scholarship students will be referred to SMU’s top ten international business schools; 2 dance departments in the nation; CCPA, the department that has won 3 consecutive national debate and research championships; the CCPA team, which won the 2005 national award for best advertising program; the journalism department which includes many Pulitzer-prize-winner journalists such as Craig Flournoy. The English department is a highly regarded department with widely published authors such as Dr. Willard Spiegelman. It also houses a state-of-of-of-of-the-of-of-of-of-the-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-of-a new, grad school and many of other programs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylin Stanley)
  • Southern Methodist University… A place where women look perfect and cars sparkle new. The boys have a lot of fun, while the money flows like a david yurman in rush hour. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenna Hughes)