smex means: A teenager’s method of having sex without saying it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Browning)

What else does smex mean?

  • NASA abbreviation SMEX stands for Small Explorer. It is used for missions that use smaller shuttle-craft than the normal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaias Collier)
  • Chat rooms which don’t permit the term’sex’ will not allow you to use it and ban you from using it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo Cabrera)
  • Smex refers to the type of sex that you see or read when reading or looking at any japanese comic. It is also used to read yaoiyuri. It is most commonly used to read yaoiyuri. Fangirlsboys love the term “sexy”, which is used to describe any character she would like to slap their heads with…no matter what character it is supposed to be. Take, for example: (in Community Dictionary, added by Brittany Carpenter)
  • Combination of the words “smut” and “sex”. Although sex may only refer to the actual act of sexual activity, the inclusion of smut in the equation (meaning to be obscene or pornographic) gives the term a vulgarer connotation. The same applies to sexy. Sexiness is the ability to provoke interest, even unintentionally. However, sexiness is when you are able to stimulate sexual desire in a pointedly sexual manner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Davon Reese)
  • Fangirls use this term as an alternative to “sex” Also means: Hot, Sexy, Cute, Cool. There are many meanings to the words. Always check the context Most often used in combination with “teh” (in Community Dictionary, added by Wesley Bright)