Smegma means: Combination of cumpiss and piss. The juice will solidify over time if it is left to sit under the skin for too much. This causes it to become smegma. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reed Burke)

What else does Smegma mean?

  • Smega, a substance that looks cheesy and can accumulate in the genitila. This substance is usually found in male genetilia. It has a creamy texture, and a cottage cheese-like texture. It is most common in men that haven’t been circumzized. Because of the fact that foreskin covers skin, germsbacteria may cause this growth. Most likely, it has an unpleasant fowl scent and some people might not appreciate the fact that there is smegma. You and your partner won’t appreciate it. Take your toothbrush and scrub your penis’s circumference with it. You can then rinse your brush. You can avoid the occurrence of smegma buildup by using cirzumsizion. If you’re circumzized you may also want to soap your shaft regularly in order to maintain hygiene. (in Community Dictionary, added by Malapropism)
  • Combination of seminal fluid, dead skin cells and excessive urine. This natural process begins in the teen years. Dead skin cells result from connective tissue which held the foreskin and glans together during childhood. This tissue begins to break down as soon as you reach your teens. Then, you can retract your foreskin. You can wash smegma with water. Carefully retract your foreskin. The corona, which is a bell-shaped tissue that covers the inner end of your glans, usually has smegma. To keep irritation from becoming severe, soap is not recommended. Circumcision is not necessary in the case of smegma. Smegma does not represent a type of fungus or disease. Follow the steps above. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erin Stuart)
  • This term can also be called the “cheesy substance” that results from the sweating of the gland. People with a thick foreskin, or dirty and skanky bastards who don’t wash are more likely to have this. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devyn Estes)
  • It is caused by not properly cleaning or maintaining your equipment. This is caused by NOT WASHING YOUR DIGUSTING TWATCOCK. See egg salad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ashley Fry)
  • Sebaceous secretion is the most common, particularly the one that accumulates around or under the prepuce. (in AZ Dictionary)